About the Book

Spatializing Politics: Essays on Power and Place is a forthcoming edited book that explores how spaces are political and how politics is spatial.  The book is co-edited by Harvard PhD candidates Delia Wendel and Fallon Samuels Aidoo (see our BIOS here). 

The idea to produce a book on the topic of space and politics arose from an April 2010 Symposium that Delia and Fallon organized at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design (Cambridge Talks IV: Design Politics).  We were fortunate to receive a grant from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts to develop our book idea and put it into production.  We are currently working with the fabulous publishing team at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design to ready the book for distribution via Harvard University Press in Fall 2015. 

The book will provide theoretical and comparative perspectives to articulate the following: How do we know politics through space?  What tools of analysis are unique to spatial studies of politics? What knowledge of politics is produced through space and what knowledge of space is produced through politics?  How have the politics of contention and consensus affected our built environment, and vice versa?  Our global history is replete with examples of political spaces arising from explicit designs for political purposes or transformations through politicization ex post facto.  Through spaces of protest, occupation, segregation, neglect, and spaces of deliberation, negotiation, reconciliation, and commemoration, we have become familiar with the production of space as a mode of political consciousness, representation and engagement.  Engaging with these historical and contemporary spaces, ‘Spatializing Politics: Essays on Power and Place’ will explore the politics of contention and consensus in spatial forms and practices.